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Our practice opened in 1985 and we have proudly cared for multiple generations of families over the last 35 years. Our practice has had a succession of wonderful doctors who are life-long doctors of the practice and choose their successors with great care. Starting with Dr. Janet Arnold and Dr. Colleen Peleaux, we currently have Dr. Darragh Bailey, Dr. Jessica Patel and Dr. Brianna Beckmann providing care. We are also honored to have team members that have worked here for over 20 years!  These doctors include the now retired Dr. Janet Arnold, Dr. Colleen Peleaux and Dr. Darragh Bailey. Currently, Dr. Jessica Patel and Dr. Brianna Beckmann are continuing in the footsteps of their predecessors and providing care to our family of patients. We are also honored to have team members that have worked in the industry over 25 years! 

A Belief In How Patient Care Should Work

While we do file insurance for our patients, we do not limit our service based on what insurance dictates they will cover. We go above and beyond the minimum requirements dictated by insurance. We spend a generous amount of time with our patients and place higher importance on the quality of care we deliver rather then the quantity of people we see in a day. So, we have time to educate patients about their dental health and treatment options. We believe that when patients feel educated about their conditions and are involved in the decision-making process, then they make better decisions for themselves and take ownership in improving their health. We use educational tools like intraoral cameras to help patients see what we see, as well as models and literature.

Our lab-work, including crowns, bridges, and partials are made in the USA. We feel that materials made in the USA are regulated to a stricter standard. Many of the labs we use are right here in Charlotte, which means faster return times to our patients. We use quality materials-such as tooth-colored fillings that are BPA-free. We also have an in-house porcelain oven for customizing, coloring, and adding porcelain to crowns or veneers.

Patient Comfort

  • TV's with your choice of channel
  • Blankets and essential oils so you can relax during your treatment
  • Noise cancelling headphones and music
  • Free WiFi and complementary coffee and tea

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